Printing & Bindery
Sigma Marketing conducts its administrative, sales and prepress business from corporate offices in Orange Park, Florida.

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Press and bindery operations are maintained at facilities in Jacksonville, Florida; Ottawa, Illinois and the metropolitan Chicago area.

Our administrative staff works closely with supervisors and technicians in all phases of printing and bindery throughout the year to assure that our quality standards are met, and to orchestrate each project through to completion. Each project is unique, and is matched to the best-suited print and bindery equipment for optimum production and economy.

Calendar Imprinting
Calendars for each location can be individually imprinted, creating a customized, professional appearance. Imprint information often includes logos, telephone numbers, fax numbers, addresses—both physical and remittance, and email.

You designate what information can be included in an imprint. Sigma then follows that criterion concerning size, information, and fonts, thereby ensuring all imprints have a uniform look. Imprints are generally—but not limited to—black. Some of our customers have had as many as six colors on their imprints.

When calendars are imprinted, your locations are asked to approve the imprint portion before we print. Sigma will fax or email a copy of the imprint on which to mark changes or to approve “as is.”

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